Cutting Edge Productions is continually creating superior experiences characterised by innovation, dedication and the fulfilment in the success and enjoyment of any event.

Our full-service offering begins with database and registration management. Extending to logistics and communications, and follows through to on-site registration management. From dealing with VIPs to out-of-town guests, we deliver the smoothest and most professional experience to both our clients, and their guests.

We strive to develop a professional relationship with each client while aligning our creative ideas with the function objectives.

Our top priority is to deliver a successful event no matter the size or budget. Our aim is to get you the most value for your spend. We are dedicated to alleviating the stress logistical challenges can bring! The work of Cutting Edge Productions reflects a passion of commitment to events. We will give you a unique and stylish way to unwrap your next event with fresh ingenuity, our signature style delivers execution you can count on!


Understand our clients, their brand and their needs. Our clients are our partners!
Personal touch is part of the experience! Be unique, detailed and handle each project with passion, care and commitment! Generate new ideas! The key to success is to never give up! Work together and create magic!




From the biggest awards shows on TV to on-air promotion and weekly content, we have award-winning experience in engaging audiences and delivering entertainment. Our international experience guarantees the highest production value and premium entertainment quality. Coupled with our Registration Services, we deliver full-service event solutions tailored to any scale.

Our Corporate Solutions range from presentation development to team-building, product launches, year-end functions, and live production management. We offer full-service solutions including event concepts, logistics planning and execution, tailored to your needs and crafted to exceed your expectations.

    • Pre Event Registration
    • Invitation Design, Development and Distribution
    • RSVP Management and Confirmation of attendance
    • On Site Registration
    • Registration area set-up with cutting-edge technology
    • Notebook / iPad / Tablet registration
    • Barcode registration
    • RFID registration

    Registration Solutions

    • Live TV Show Production Management
    • Awards Ceremonies
    • Pre-production and post production management
    • AV development
    • Creative Concept Development
    • TV Direction
    • Event Logistics Management
    • Musical Direction
    • Entertainment


    • Sourcing and Management of Venues
    • Logistics and Project Management
    • Budget Management
    • Speaker Management
    • Exhibition Management
    • Travel Logistics Management [accommodation, flights and transfers]
    • Creative Concept Development

    Events, Conferences and Exhibitions

    • Awards Adjudication Process: Entries and Judging System
    • Logistics and Production Management
    • RSVP Management and Seating allocations
    • Stakeholders Relations Management

    Awards Ceremonies

    • Indoor or Outdoor events
    • Corporate team-building events
    • Year end team building events
    • CSI Projects

    Team Building

    • Graphic Design
    • Registration and Company Websites
    • Event Invitation, Registration Page and Save the Date Design
    • Conference Collateral and Signage Design
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing



  • All
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Registration Solutions
  • Registration Management
  • Event Logistics
  • Private Event
  • Overall Events Management
  • Event Logistics Management


BBBEE Certified

Cutting Edge Productions meets the requirements of the principle of South African Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) according to the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act No. 53 of 2003.

Cutting Edge Productions is a Level 4 contributor to the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Initiative.


BBBEE Certificate